FlexoForce offers services for the production of flexible roll packaging with an image. Flexible packaging with flexo printing is the best way to present the product on the store shelf: it offers ample opportunities for branding and creating a vivid image of the product, as well as durable, reliable in price.

Twist effect films

Twist films are specially designed for the confectionery industry. The material has the so-called "memory effect", which allows the packaging without additional processing to maintain its shape after mechanical deformation on packaging lines.

Market reality

Today, for packing sweets in a double twist or sachet, the most common and, accordingly, the most economically justified is the use of twist materials based on PE (Polyethylene) and PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). Transparent, white, metallized versions of materials are used.


The manufacture of this type of packaging is a rather complex technological process that requires specialized equipment and a range of films of excellent quality — with stable sliding, high rigidity and folding. It is the understanding of the complexity and technological features, as well as the work with various materials, that allows us to offer packaging that is best suited for the production lines of our partners.

Detailed approach

It should be understood that, for example, differences in package stiffness can affect the shape of the product itself, the thickness, slip and composition of the film itself — the speed of the package through production lines and the waste at certain speeds. From this point of view, it is advisable to choose just such a material that will be best suited for a particular product.

Benefits of cooperation on twist-films with us

Specialization in the production of twist-packing for sweets. Long-term cooperation with major manufacturers of twist films.

Various types of twist films for the most effective use both within the entire enterprise and within individual names.

Technological launch and support for the effective operation of twist materials on the production lines of our partners.

Constant availability of twist films in the warehouse, the ability to quickly meet unplanned demand from retail chains.