We use an integrated approach to work on orders and provide a full cycle of services — from design development to delivery of finished products. We are sensitive to changes in packaging requirements and promptly master advanced technologies to meet the current client's needs.


At the first stage, the design is prepared for use in the typographic process. It is imperative to understand that the quality and appearance of packaging depends on several components, each of which is an integral part of the successful implementation of the new product life cycle.

Invest in design

One of the sustainable trends today can be attributed to our consumers' involvement of advertising and marketing agencies, as well as specialized design studios for the systematic formation of the visual image of packaging. This process, as a rule, is accompanied by market research, assessment of consumer preferences, taking into account the requirements of the distribution network and has a pronounced marketing character.

Design + Technology = Result

The main competencies of the prepress department of our printing house are focused today primarily on the technological aspect, namely in the qualified prepress preparation of the design and its adaptation to the required type of printed material. High-quality design, combined with qualified prepress preparation, allows to obtain finished packaging with maximum aesthetic and economic effect.

Plate making process

The basic element of flexo printing is, first of all, a flexible photopolymer form, with which ink is transferred under low pressure directly onto the printed material.

Flexography refers to the varieties of "letterpress" printing. This means that the printed elements on the flexo plates are above the blanks. It is the printed elements that form the required image for each color on the material. Similar technology in other areas, for example, is the transfer of images from seals and stamps.

Effective image detail

Over the past 20 years, the technology of manufacturing flexographic forms has passed several technological levels of quality in the formation of printing elements. At the moment, impressive results have been achieved both in automating the process and improving the quality of the resulting images, and in optimizing the consumption of printing inks.

Microns matter

The process of sticking a form onto an impression cylinder is one of the most important elements of the technological process. The accuracy and repeatability in this operation largely determines the further behavior of each color during printing.

Printing ink

Printing ink is the main element of the flexo printing process. Stability and control of the paint process is the key to the repeatability of the color scheme of the packaging. Color matching of various packaging lots is one of the most important requirements of our partners.

Mood color matters

It is extremely important not only to choose a manufacturer of paints, but also to perform streaming control over the stability of incoming ink batches, since even a slight deviation from the required characteristics of one color can cause significant distortion in the color rendition of the entire image.

Digital color

The creation of special Pantone colors for printing takes place directly inside the printing house on the coloristic area using the latest versions of the InkFormulation software. In the same place, preliminary proofs are carried out to control the correspondence of the obtained color to the color standard.