FlexoForce is a manufacturer of flexible roll-to-roll packaging materials with flexo printing up to 10 colors.

We have been working for over 20 years, and therefore the name of the company is well known in the market of the CIS countries. We do not just supply packaging to our customers — we make sure that it is always at the right time and in the right quantity: we help plan the schedule of orders in advance, maintain stocks of raw materials and finished products for regular customers in the warehouse, use flexible terms of delivery and payments.




Beginning of the FlexoForce company. Registration as a resident of the Free Economic Zone "Minsk".


Acquisition of the first large format printing machine Bielloni (Italy). From this point on, the expansion of FlexoForce's presence in the field of flexible packaging begins.


Organization of production on our own premises. A production complex with an area of ​​over 3000 m2 was put into operation. Start of strategic cooperation with Comexi (Spain).


Start of implementation of process automation and resource management systems. Strategic interaction with the products of 1C company (Russia). Implementation of 1C ERP (CRM) systems and modules.


Modernization of the production complex. Purchase of Comexi 8-color printing machine. The total production volume is up to 500 tons of finished products.


The equipment was put into operation, which allows to exclude the harmful emissions of production into the surrounding atmosphere.


The beginning of the transition to a new business model of the company, which implies an increase in the depth of processing of manufactured products.


Transition to a new business model of the company. From now on FlexoForce is the owner of a production site for extrusion and metallization of films for its own production.


A time of active research into polyethylene-based films. In addition to innovative solutions in film production, food packaging is being actively studied in our own laboratory.

We are always open to suggestions — both from our customers and from all participants in the production process and supply chain

A high production culture is one of the main principles of the FlexoForce divisions

Highly qualified personnel, active feedback from customers, a responsible approach to work and a desire to not stop at what has been achieved help our company to constantly develop

FlexoForce continually monitors flexo innovation to ensure that finished products meet all customer technology and marketing requirements

Our Values


A Person who is able to feel vividly or accurately calculate, win beautifully or lose with dignity, masterly improvise or strictly follow the rules. A Person who wants to create Benefits for the harmonious development of himself and the world around him.


A System capable of efficiently existing and sustainable development, multiplying the past and creating the future, successfully coordinate and appropriately subordinate. A System that allows a Person to create Benefits for the harmonious development of himself and the world around him.


A Result capable of satisfying or delighting, reflecting or surprising, commanding respect, or becoming the basis for reproduction. A Result that brings Benefit for the harmonious existence of the Person in the world around.

Our principles

Dialogue and Trust

We value relationships. We are building a long-term partnership. We know how to listen and hear. We find acceptable solutions for any situation. We act openly and stay in touch. We understand. We trust and meet halfway in the interests of a common cause. It is always necessary to be mobile for effective and convenient cooperation.

Reliability and Safety

We are the external security loop. We manage risks and stocks. We always fulfill our obligations. We do not create operational and strategic problems for our partners. We always help and form joint, stable and safe work.

Product quality

We create quality systems and constantly improve them. We build, measure and control processes. We study the specifics and requirements of our partners. We increase competence and analyze new data. We always work for the required and stable result.

Innovative capacity

We are organizationally stable. Technically and technologically competitive. We are constantly working on optimization and automation. We always follow the path of efficient organization of processes in accordance with the accumulated experience and with the steady support of our partners.