FlexoForce offers services for the production of flexible roll packaging with an image. Flexible packaging with flexo printing is the best way to present the product on the store shelf: it offers ample opportunities for branding and creating a vivid image of the product, as well as durable, reliable in price.

TwistPE candy wrapping films

Twist films are specially designed for the confectionery industry. The material TwistPE has the so-called "memory effect", which allows the packaging without additional processing to maintain its shape after mechanical deformation on packaging lines.


Datamatrix Codes Marking CHESTNY ZNAK

CHESTNY ZNAK is a digital labeling system for goods for the Russian market. It is planned that by 2024 all goods, without exception, will have a special digital code on their packaging.


Flexible packaging with flexo printing

Flexible packaging is characterized by a wide range of visual and technical properties due to an unlimited number of combinations of various types of materials.