FlexoForce offers services for the production of flexible roll packaging with an image. Flexible packaging with flexo printing is the best way to present the product on the store shelf: it offers ample opportunities for branding and creating a vivid image of the product, as well as durable, reliable in price.

Datamatrix Codes Marking CHESTNY ZNAK

CHESTNY ZNAK is a digital labeling system for goods for the Russian market. It is planned that by 2024 all goods, without exception, will have a special digital code on their packaging.

WARNING: Technical systems for code validation in the printing house allow more flexibility in the issue of the need to re-stream code readings on production lines during the product packaging process.

What do we offer?

Since the beginning of 2021, FlexoForce has been applying GS1 DataMatrix standard codes for flexo packaging. The method of applying codes used by us guarantees the required safety and readability of the code throughout the entire further production and logistics cycle, including the sale of goods in the retail network to the end customer.

Benefits of applying GS1 Datamatrix codes at FlexoForce

The coding system is built in an optimal form factor in terms of performance with minimal waste

Validation systems eliminate the need for expensive, costly streaming code validation on the side of our customers

Codes are applied in full accordance with the recommendations of the Chestny Znak system for points of application (not lower than 1.5 С class)

The method of applying codes that we use provides for the safety of the code at subsequent technological stages, as well as in supply chains

A streamlined coding process has a minimal likelihood of inappropriate codes in the shipped products

The structure of the process allows you to form ordered aggregated pools of codes by shipped units (roll)