FlexoForce offers services for the production of flexible roll packaging with an image. Flexible packaging with flexo printing is the best way to present the product on the store shelf: it offers ample opportunities for branding and creating a vivid image of the product, as well as durable, reliable in price.

Flexible packaging with flexo printing

Flexible packaging is characterized by a wide range of visual and technical properties due to an unlimited number of combinations of various types of materials.

Surface printed materials

Economical, reliable packaging materials. When printing on transparent materials, the ink layer can be applied to both the front and the back of the film, which additionally protects it from abrasion.

Subtle and tasteful

Most often, surface printing is used to create packaging for candy, hygiene products, group packaging for drinks, as well as labels.

Materials with interlayer printing

The paint layer is applied between layers of the film, which perfectly protects the package from abrasion and damage of various types.


The combination of different materials opens up endless possibilities for experimentation on production packaging lines to select the most optimal packaging composition for a specific product.

Advantages of interlayer printed materials

The paint layer is protected by the top layer of the film from abrasion and mechanical damage during the operation of the package

In the case of using glossy or matte materials, the top layer of the film acts as an additional optical and tactile enhancer of perception

Multilayer packaging is distinguished by longer shelf life of products, as well as a wide range of possible barrier properties

Variety of mechanical properties affecting the performance of packaging lines and the appearance of the packaged product