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Labeling of goods "Honest mark" is a unified national system of digital labeling and tracking of goods, the purpose of which is to provide detailed, open information to all buyers and participants in the process from production to sale. It harmoniously combines digital capabilities and public control over the quality of goods offered for purchase. Thanks to its implementation, everyone can easily and quickly get detailed information about any product on the store shelf. The “Honest Mark” label contributes to the transparency of the consumer market.


  • Since September last year, Belarus began to issue Russian codes for marking tires and light industry products. The codes will be issued through the "Electronic Sign" system. The Russian-style marking codes received and applied to the product will allow Belarusian brands to deliver labeled products to Russia.
  • Since May, Belarus has introduced the labeling of cheeses and ice cream. Now these products need to be labeled from July 8, and dairy products with a shelf life of more than 40 days - from September 1, and with a shelf life of up to 40 days - from December 1.

Thanks to the aforementioned events ** marking of goods "Honest Sign" in 2021 ** gained momentum in Belarus and is becoming more and more relevant. Consequently, the demand for the matrix code "Honest Sign" is increasing. Our company "FlexoForce" is able to offer you its application in the highest quality.

Why is it better to order from us?

  1. Our work is based on the optimal form factor for performance with minimal costs.
  2. Validation systems remove the need for expensive streaming code validation on the side of our customers.
  3. We apply the "Fair Mark" matrix code in accordance with the recommendations of the uniform system for the application points.
  4. Our production allows us to form ordered aggregated pools of codes by shipped units.

Technical systems for code validation in our printing house allow more flexibility in the issue of the need to re-read streaming codes on production lines during product packaging. We have been applying the “Honest Mark” marking on flexo-printed packaging since April, the method of application we use ensures the required safety and readability of the code throughout all cycle processes: from production to sale of goods to the end customer.