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One of the main steps in the production of containers for a particular area of ​​goods is labeling. The standards and requirements for packaging with codes are strictly controlled by laws in order to competently notify the consumer about the parameters and quality of the product he buys. Our company "FlexoForce" is able to print codes on packaging of any complexity and volume. By contacting us, you will receive not only a high-quality result, but also timely fulfillment of your obligations. We do not work for the quantity of produced packaging, but for the quality of the finished product and customer satisfaction.


The regulations spell out all the conditions under which any container is subject to labeling with full detail about:

  • from what, where and by whom it was made,
  • where and where it was delivered from,
  • how to dispose.

All buyers can easily decipher certain symbols indicating this. Today, when advertising budgets of companies are massively reduced, marketers are faced with a difficult task: to get maximum efficiency with a minimum budget. One of the tools that successfully solves this problem is labeled packaging. It will help the consumer to get all the necessary information about the product right on the spot.

What is Datamatrix Codes Packaging?

Labeled product packaging is an added value and one of the key components of the sales chain. After all, it is she who attracts the attention of the buyer and at the same time is the carrier of unique information. This is especially true for packaging with Datamatrix codes. Datamatrix codes are the international standard of the GS1 association, which showed the best result in comparison with other two-dimensional codes, in particular QR, therefore it was chosen as the main one. Datamatrix 2D Code is an innovative matrix code that includes pixels rather than lines. It is designed both in the form of a square and in the form of a rectangle, from the bottom and to the left it is limited by solid black lines.

FlexoForce has been producing packages with Datamatrix codes since April 1, 2021. Consequently, we have all the necessary innovative printing equipment for a high-quality and fast process of printing codes on packaging. We guarantee the safety and readability of the code throughout the entire production and transport cycle, including the sale of goods in the retail network to the end customer. With us, you will perfectly carry out the labeling of your products!